are there taxes for worker compensationThere are a lot of things to worry about if you get sick or receive an injury while on the job. One of them is whether you will qualify for workers’ compensation. Another issue is whether or not your workers’ compensation will be taxed. These are issues that you should contact an expert team of Jersey Shore Penn workers comp lawyers to get legal advice on.

No Taxes Will Be Taken from Your Workers Comp Check

The first thing you need to know is that no taxes will be taken from your workers comp check. Any amount that you receive as fully accredited workers’ compensation for an illness or injury will be fully exempt from state or Federal taxes.

This condition applies as long as they are paid under a workers’ compensation act or a corresponding law that supplies the same function. You should note that this exemption from state and Federal taxes will also apply to your survivors.

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As has been shown, you should have no worries about being taxed on your workers’ comp checks. However, there may be other issues that you will need professional legal advice on.

You may have questions regarding how to file your claim for workers’ comp or how to receive your compensation if there any complications or challenges. You can contact a firm of Jersey Shore Penn workers comp lawyers to get expert legal aid and counsel on these issues.

Taking care of yourself and your family after an illness or injury should never be a hardship. We can give you the expert advice and assistance you need to quickly get back on your feet. Get in touch with the firm of Carpenter Harris & Flayhart for more information on how we can help you claim your rightful amount of workers’ compensation.