do i need a fulltime employee for workers compensationState workers compensation law requires that any company who employs individuals who are paid a salary including tax deductions is to be covered by workers compensation insurance protection. Full-time status is not required. Part-time workers are still held to the same claims standards as full-time workers, but there can be limitations in the amount of replacement pay they will receive while being unable to work. In addition, the same restrictions can apply regarding compensation for long-term personal injury damage when the injury will have a lasting impact on the claimant’s ability to work in the future. Just because a worker is part-time does not mean they cannot be seriously injured at work, and similar protections should be afforded by the employer. These cases can still be contested by an employer or their workers comp insurance provider, and having an experienced work accident law firm in Jersey Shore like the legal professionals at Carpenter, Harris, & Flayhart. Jersey Shore PA workers comp lawyers can be an absolute necessity for full compensation.

Workers Compensation Standard Benefits

Workers compensation law requires insurance coverage for medical bills and lost wages during the time a worker is unable to work when their injury is directly job-related. All injuries are not covered, such as when an employee is injured through their own fault due to horseplay or when they are not performing a job duty. Coverage is generally a no-fault policy while performing job requirements, but the mere fact an injury occurs on the job site does not mean coverage is automatic. Replacement wages can also be restricted to recovery for the number of hours an employee typically works per week, which can be a significant limitation in benefits.

When an Injury Qualifies for a Personal Injury Lawsuit

Injured employees are also restricted from filing a claim long-term damage due to pain-and-suffering unless the employer can be proven to be operating in violation of OSHA rules and regulations. These cases are not unusual, as many employers skirt the safety regulations when they could be what is considered an unnecessary operational expense. These injuries are handled in a standard state court based on the level of negligence that can be proven by your work accident law firm in Jersey Shore.

Never assume your work injury is not covered by workers compensation insurance. New Jersey residents should always call Carpenter Harris & Flayhart Jersey Shore PA workers comp lawyers.