Asset Preservation/Elder Law

At Carpenter, Harris & Flayhart, we offer substantial experience in estate planning. Our client goals include formulating strategies to ensure that interests will pass to their loved ones or intended beneficiaries, in accordance to their specific wishes, with minimal taxes, whether it involves situations such as the succession of a family business or providing for a child with special needs. We are available to meet a client who may be ill or disabled at his or her home, or in a hospital or nursing home if necessary. We offer a variety of related services: 

Asset Preservation & Long-Term Care Planning

Many of us know an individual whose savings or home was lost due to needed but expensive nursing home care. Our firm is highly capable at helping clients plan in advance to protect assets and ensure the preservation of their home and savings for their spouse and children should nursing home care be needed in the future. Additionally, we can help our clients explore nursing home alternatives as care needs may increase with age or disability.


Trusts are tried-and-true estate planning tools that may be used to benefit clients in a variety of situations. Trusts can be used to hold assets for a disabled child, while preserving the eligibility for social security, disability, or other benefits. Additionally, trusts are often an ideal planning option as means to protect assets from nursing home costs.


Our elder law attorneys have successfully represented many individuals and families through guardianship proceedings in order that the court may appoint an individual to act as a guardian for a person who is incapacitated. Alternatively, we may also represent the interests of an allegedly incapacitated person in such a guardianship hearing. 

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