Family/Divorce/Custody Law


Due to the multitude of decisions that one must make at the end of a relationship, it is necessary to know and understand the law and facts that impact such decisions. We, at Carpenter, Harris & Flayhart are able to provide information, advice, and guidance that allow one to make the most appropriate and beneficial choices at this time in his or her life.


In an effort to minimize trauma to children when an adult relationship ends, parents should want to ensure that a child is safe. Frequently, parents fail to agree on custodial arrangements for the child. This must often be resolved in court. Our family attorneys are fully-versed in Pennsylvania’s child custody processes and are able to counsel and guide parents in an effort to ensure that children are protected and their best interests are achieved.

Alimony/Spousal Support

There are several factors that contribute to the entitlement to support and/or receive alimony. It is crucial to understand the effects of decisions during divorce and/or separation because each decision may affect whether any spousal support/alimony is awarded and to what extend it is awarded. It is critical to have complete information available when parties make these decisions which have such impact on their financial future.

Child Support

Contrary to popular belief, child support in Pennsylvania is solely driven by court-instituted, statewide guidelines. Although all child support payments are specifically and constantly governed by the same set of regulations, there are additional factors that play a role in the ultimate support payment determinations. Carpenter, Harris & Flayhart attorneys are fully versed in all aspects of support regulations and rules, guidelines and case law in Pennsylvania, and have assisted many clients in resolving child support issue to maximum benefit.


Adopting a child can be a wonderful time in one’s life, however, it is often accompanied with additional stress for all parties involved. In Pennsylvania, there are vey specific documents required, as well as several court appearances.

Our attorneys assist with privately-arranged adoptions as well as placements through adoption agencies. In the case of remarriage, an adoption is often requested; however, if one party is not in agreement in relinquishing his or her rights to the child, the process increases in complexity. Carpenter, Harris & Flayhart attorneys are well-versed in the law relating to the varied types of adoptions and will work very closely with the family throughout all steps of the adoption procedure. Our goal is making this complicated process as smooth as possible for all parties. 

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Name Changes

Changing an adult’s or child’s name requires a hearing in court and obtaining a court order. This process requires background checks, public notices, and complete documentation be prepared and presented. Carpenter, Harris & Flayhart haver the necessary experience and knowledge to competently handle this process with ease and efficiency.

Guardianship of Minors

When a minor child is being cared for by an individual other than his or her parent(s), often that caregiver requires legal documentation to act on behalf of that child. Carpenter, Harris & Flayhart attorneys are able to meet with all involved parties to strategize the best method for providing the caregiver with the proper authority, while still protecting the child’s best interests and parental rights.