Oil & Gas Law

An important service offered by Carpenter, Harris & Flayhart is the advising of clients with respect to oil and gas leasing in Lycoming and surrounding counties.

Our firm offers several services:

Oil and Gas Lease Review and Negotiation

Our attorneys can advise and assist clients to help avoid the potential pitfalls in the gas leasing process. Additionally, we can assist in the negotiation of potential leases for their property to the best possible results. We understand that our clients may have specific concerns for their property and our attorneys are able to address those unique issues with oil and gas companies as properties are developed for natural gas production. We are also able to provide guidance in the evaluation the status of existing leases when properties are being purchase or sold.

Pipeline Right-of-Ways

As natural gas development progresses, many landowners are dealing with pipeline construction. Because the development of pipeline infrastructure is a critical need for the oil and gas industry, landowners may negotiate increased payments and increased protection of their land in the pipeline negotiation process. Granting an easement for a pipeline requires long-term commitment that a landowner must consider carefully when approached with a pipeline agreement.

Division Order Review

Landowners with property including a natural gas production unit are often asked to sign a document called a “division order” prior to the payment of royalties. Our attorneys can assist in verifying that calculations of the landowner’s decimal interest are correct, as well as provide counsel for the issues of concern when executing a division order.

Purchase and Sale of Oil and Gas Rights

Marcellus Shale region landowners are often approached with offers to purchase oil and gas rights. Our attorneys can assist landowners in evaluating a purchase offer and provide appropriate guidance in procuring a fair valuation of their oil and gas rights. Additionally, we are able to provide title verification services to oil and gas rights for property owners prior to purchase or sale.

Gas Development Status Assessment

Marcellus property owners sometimes face uncertainty as to their property’s current status regarding drilling and development. In many cases, people own leased land as vacation property, or oil and gas rights for investment purposes and may have questions about nearby activity. Our attorneys can assist in determining whether or not your property has been included in a drilling production unit, as well as the current status of drilling in your area.

Limited Liability Companies – Family Limited Partnerships

The signing of oil and gas leases and the signing of a division order are only the initial steps in owning and managing oil and gas rights. We recognize that in some cases there are significant advantages for tax and estate planning, as well as liability issues when using a limited liability company or family limited partnership. At Carpenter, Harris, & Flayhart, we can assist in evaluating if this strategy is appropriate for the needs of your family, and can help prepare all necessary documents to form the entities and transfer ownership of property or oil and gas rights to the family company. 

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