Jersey Shore PA Personal Injury Lawyers

Aside from injuries and deaths resulting from motor vehicle accidents, the law of personal injury can also involve accidents on property owned or occupied by others, construction accidents, industrial accidents, dangerously defective products and even medical malpractice. In just about all personal injury cases, the claimant must prove that he or she suffered injuries and losses as a result of the negligence of somebody else. These aren’t easy propositions to show.

In order to show negligence, the claimant must prove certain legal elements. If the claimant fails to prove any single element, the negligence case falls in its entirety. If he or he fails to show that their damages were the direct and proximate result of the negligence of the defendant, the case can also fall on that basis. After suffering serious personal injuries or losing a loved one as a result of the carelessness and negligence of somebody else in or around Lycoming, Clinton, Union, Snyder, Northumberland and Sullivan Counties, you’ll want to speak with the Jersey Shore PA personal injury lawyers at Carpenter Harris & Flayhart.

An accident coupled with serious injuries can change the rest of a person’s life in an instant. On top of severe pain and discomfort are the burdens of medical bills and lost income. Victims need to consider pursuing a claim or lawsuit against the person or entity that is responsible for their injuries and damages so that they might be made whole again. The only way that can be accomplished is through a settlement or award of damages. Contact the established, effective and respected Jersey Shore PA personal injury lawyers at Carpenter Harris & Flayhart to arrange for a free consultation and case evaluation as soon as possible after being seriously injured in any personal injury accident. If we’re retained to represent you, no legal fees are even due unless we obtain a settlement or award for you.