Jersey Shore PA Trust Lawyers


Considering the frequent changes to the tax laws and also the frequent changes in the lives of most people and their families, devising a well thought out estate plan is an on-going process. We can quickly and efficiently prepare wills of all types, from the most basic will to a family trust will used often when minor children are involved. In addition, we can draft Marital Deduction Trust or Bypass Wills when the Federal Estate Tax is a concern.

Testamentary Trusts

A testamentary trust is a trust that goes into effect and is typically created within an individual’s Las Will and Testament. This type of trust may include all or a portion of the individual’s estate. This tool is a good way to create a trust for minors and ensure that his/her inheritance is handled properly.

Financial Powers-of-Attorney

Our Jersey Shore PA trust lawyers can help clients plan in advance for the possibility that they may experience future incapacity issues or be unable to properly handle finances. A well drafted power-of-attorney allows an individual to appoint a trusted family member, friend or professional adviser who can assist in managing financial affairs in the event of a temporary disability or as capacity declines with aging.

Health Care Powers-of-Attorney

We can prepare power-of-attorney documents that allow you to appoint a person you trust to make health care decisions for you if you are unable to make those decisions or speak for yourself.

Advanced Health Care Declarations

Unfortunately we have all heard of situations where someone who has suffered a traumatic brain injury has been artificially kept alive, even though there was no hope of recovery. An advance health care declaration or living will can help ensure that your end of life care wishes are carried out if you are terminally ill and unable to speak for yourself or are permanently unconscious.

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