workplace accidentsWorkplace accidents are responsible for a large number of injuries and deaths in Pennsylvania and elsewhere in the country every year. Those seeking monetary compensation after such a mishap should consider turning to the services available from Jersey Shore PA accident lawyers. They should specifically consider a consultation with the law firm of Carpenter Harris & Flayhart. These are the five leading causes of workplace accidents:

1) Slips and Falls
Fully one-third of the workplace injuries are related to falls. Attributable to slippery floors, loose carpeting or other dangers, falls can result in anything from bruises to injuries as serious as brain trauma.

2) Machinery Mishaps
The many parts of moving machinery may strike or trap workers, leading to crushing injuries, amputations and even death. Objects thrown from machinery can be equally dangerous.

3) Transportation Accidents
Industries use many different types of vehicles to transport personnel and equipment, increasing the risk of crashes or pedestrian-related mishaps. These accidents may occur at the work site or on the open road.

4) Fires and Explosions
Some industries use chemicals or other products that are volatile if not handled properly. Faulty piping or gas lines can be another source of danger, and the resulting accidents may result in multiple casualties.

5) Accidents Related to Personal Exertion
Workers often experience strains while lifting or moving objects, leading to acute or long-term musculoskeletal or neurological disorders. Repetitious actions carried out over a long period of time and resulting from something as mundane as office work can also have adverse health consequences.

After the Accident
Jersey Shore PA accident lawyers have experience dealing with workplace injuries and workers’ compensation issues. Those requiring assistance in these areas can find the help they need from the law firm of Carpenter Harris & Flayhart.