worker compensation checks are lateInjured workers and their families often depend on workers’ compensation to pay bills and keep food in the fridge. And for some of these families, a late check could cause dire consequences. Are your workers’ compensation checks often late? If so, contact the Jersey Shore PA workers comp attorneys at Carpenter Harris & Flayhart for help. But for now, here are some things to do if your workers’ comp payment is late.

Steps to Take Following Late Payments
1. Determine if there is a good reason for the late payment. Perhaps the payment is late because of a recent holiday. Or perhaps your mail landed in a neighbor’s mailbox, and it took them a day or two to deliver it. If this is the case, then you probably have nothing to worry about.

2. Consider how often your payments are late. Does it happen often or occasionally? Start keeping track of how often your checks arrive late. If the problem is ongoing, contact the Jersey Shore PA workers comp attorneys at Carpenter Harris & Flayhart. You should also seek legal counsel if your checks are more than 14-days late, even if it only happens occasionally.

3. Discuss your case with your attorney. The attorney will advise you on how to proceed. If you’re waiting for a check, then your attorney will likely immediately contact the insurance company that issues your check. Your attorney will stay with the case to make sure your payments are on time.

Benefits of an Attorney
Dealing with an insurance company is sometimes difficult. As an individual, you might have a hard time getting the results or answers that you want. But when a professional attorney speaks on your behalf, the insurance company is more likely to take the matter seriously. Late workers’ compensation payments can cause financial havoc. Keep the legal help you need to get your situation under control.